Column – After three years of debate, we are ready for Brexit

Parliament returns to Westminster to whisper and rumour; plot but not gunpowder, accusations of treason thrown from one side to the other. Westminster isn’t worried because it can’t agree on Brexit. It’s worried because it doesn’t understand – can’t understand – what’s going on in the minds of people across the country. The Brexit vote didn’t cause division in our nation. It exposed the divisions that already existed; divisions between people and politicians.

Media: – BBC Radio Newcastle: Prorogation of Parliament

John Tennant MEP discusses the prorogation of Parliament with BBC Radio Newcastle, 29th August 2019.

Media: Parliamentary Speech – Finnish Presidency of the Council

Speaking in the European Parliament regarding the programme of activities of the Finnish Presidency of the Council. 17th July, 2019.

Media: John Tennant MEP on BBC Sunday Politics

John Tennant MEP & Brian Monteith MEP talking on BBC Sunday Poltics (North East & Cumbria edition) 7th July 2019.

Media: ITRE Committee, 23rd July 2019

The ITRE Committee (European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy) has areas of responsibility that relate to industry, especially technology-intensive manufacturing, information technology, and telecommunications.

It’s not just the backstop Boris: