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Column – We need a great escape from polls in festive season

We’ve finally made it to December. Normally we’d be thinking about Christmas: Christmas past – the nativity story; Christmas present – putting up the tree and decorations, preparing the turkey; and Christmas future – looking forward to exchanging gifts with our families. This year, though, a Grinch threatens to steal our Christmas. I’ll leave it […]

Leaving the EU will regain our power at the ballot box

Dear Editor Watching last night’s televised debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, I was struck by how often neither politician was prepared to actually answer the question that was asked. I’d rather see interviewers hold politicians of all shades and hues to account and demand to know that their policies stand up to scrutiny. […]

The Leave case is stronger than back in 2016

MY friend showed me a photo and said: “Here’s a picture of me when I was younger”. I said: “Every picture of you is when you were younger”. I can only apologise for beginning this article by shamelessly borrowing a joke from the late American comedian Mitch Hedberg. The facts have changed since the referendum, […]

Vestager is a threat to digital independence

Dear Editor, Margrethe Vestager is set to become the next vice-President of the European Commission for the Digital Age. As one of the most powerful women in Europe, her words therefore carry weight. Her insistence that we must have ‘independent, unbiased and hopefully pro-European media’ is seriously worrying. It can hardly have escaped readers’ attention […]

Another Brexit Extention

Dear Editor, During the referendum campaign, it was common ground that Article 50 would be triggered immediately if the UK voted to Leave, and that we’d be out of the EU in 2 years.In fact, Article 50 wasn’t triggered. Our Remainer Prime Minister resigned, presumably not wanting to be the one to deliver Brexit. We waited […]

Queen’s Speech

Dear Editor, The much-needed Queen’s Speech reads like nothing more than a wish-list of the Conservative Party. It’s a little bit wide of the mark, because it’s a dull and unimaginative approach from a government that’s a little bit short on ideas. If we were really getting tough on crime, I’d be able to support that […]

Brexit Negotiations

Dear Editor, British and EU negotiators have reportedly entered a ‘tunnel’ to seek a new Brexit agreement in the coming days. Hopefully this will not be as bad as May’s appalling deal, and of course we should not pre-judge something that we haven’t yet seen. Even so, there are plenty of red flags already. Whilst the […]

Free markets are our greatest ally

Dear Editor, Even if you completely believe the most alarmist climate change predictions, the actions of Extinction Rebellion are still utterly hypocritical and counterproductive. They’re using diesel generators, draining police resources and causing significant damage which needs to be cleaned up. They demand the overthrow of capitalism.  Yet free markets are our greatest ally if we […]

Time at last to deliver Brexit for the people

BACK in 1789, Benjamin Franklin famously said that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. If we’ve learned anything in recent days, it’s that Benjamin Franklin was a wise man. The Supreme Court ruling, Parliament being recalled, Left and Right berating each other for their respective choices of language, and the perennial […]