Leaving the EU will regain our power at the ballot box

Dear Editor

Watching last night’s televised debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, I was struck by how often neither politician was prepared to actually answer the question that was asked. I’d rather see interviewers hold politicians of all shades and hues to account and demand to know that their policies stand up to scrutiny.

But at least the public can elect our UK leaders, unlike our leaders at EU level. I’d be surprised if one person in twenty had even heard of Ursula von der Leyen before she was nominated as the next EU Commission President, the most powerful post in the European Union.

When British MPs have repeatedly ignored their Manifesto commitments, we have a recourse at the ballot box to get rid of them. The nature of the democratic deficit at EU level is manifest because the true power still resides with the unelected.

Fortunately, there is a solution on the horizon: it doesn’t lie with an unreformable EU that we’ve tried (and failed) for 40 years to reform, but with leaving the European Union and simply being good friends, neighbours and trading partners with them.

John Tennant MEP

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