Another Brexit Extention

Dear Editor,

During the referendum campaign, it was common ground that Article 50 would be triggered immediately if the UK voted to Leave, and that we’d be out of the EU in 2 years.
In fact, Article 50 wasn’t triggered. Our Remainer Prime Minister resigned, presumably not wanting to be the one to deliver Brexit. We waited for another Remainer PM to be chosen, and then we waited for the outcome of a court case brought by Remainers. We then waited for the PM to trigger Article 50. After the 2-year process, Remainers forced a 2-week extension then another 7-month extension.

Our Remainer Prime Minister resigned, to be replaced by a nominal Brexiteer. Remainers legislated to prevent us leaving this Thursday. Now we’re facing another extension.

The Remain side’s delaying tactics have been bad enough, but the most breathtaking hypocrisy is that they’re now using the delays of their own making as an excuse to demand even more delays and to overturn the largest democractic vote in our history. 

John Tennant MEP

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