Queen’s Speech

Dear Editor,

The much-needed Queen’s Speech reads like nothing more than a wish-list of the Conservative Party. It’s a little bit wide of the mark, because it’s a dull and unimaginative approach from a government that’s a little bit short on ideas.

If we were really getting tough on crime, I’d be able to support that – but we’re not. It’s ending automatic early release for a tiny proportion of offenders, which won’t make a lot of difference to the overall picture. This is the Queen’s Speech that a government would come up with if it wanted to look tough on crime without actually doing it. Minor changes to divorce laws and NHS investigations of poor treatment may be necessary, but hardly inspiring. It looks like decisive action, though. And we should all know from EU mistakes that legally-binding ‘targets’ can end up outsourcing our carbon emissions to China and India. It will look like the government is doing something on the environment.

It’s also the Queen’s Speech of a government that wants to look like it’s planning to deliver Brexit on October 31st. I’ll believe that when I see it happen.

John Tennant MEP

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